…Flights of Fantasy (IX) Your loss…

first light

From the ground I’m all ears
Or so it appearstread softly
Legs stand ready in defence
Surrender what is found

The sound surrounds
What might contend at rest
tends to fend as best it can
Contended, it too must end

Ears and soil, and Earth
Birthing anew through sinew & sound
Quick to root, quick to ground
Until it is out like a light

In absence

Guard your marks
Gild your transgression
Release your relative ease
Keep your possessions

Sample your prerogative
Speak all of your mind
Pad out your prognosis
Its your patent I wont find

Nowhere gets lonely  — And so we must police it
You’re not one when I’m only — That as tandem, we must piece it

I’m at a loss, and so I release it


…Metapoetica (V) Fork in the Rabbit-hole…

Striking accord.


Oui, d’accord.
Discord works also…

In all the disjointedness they’d forgotten they weren’t set pieces.

…Omega (y) Two Witnesses…

It’s said the devil wears prada
Can we make-up, and over
The noise we’d make
Up in quaint Nevada

For me you are sleep
You never quite happen
In brackets — all I parenthesis
Strangers aren’t made for this

Call me foolish, honestly
I’ve the Capital for It
Hearty to type,
Hardly for Miss-chief.

You’re a chance I take.
In brief respite from the noise
Of a mind that never sleeps.
–Even the sheep are unionised.

You’re not easily found here
Not so self-aware
You’ll never be nothing
And I hope you don’t care

My Faraday cage is connected
Drop me a line–
It’s only a queue if you call
I’m not sure who you’ll find

Or call me an idiot.
My ears can take it.
We’ve never been to Vegas, baby
But I do hope you make it

A smile
: )
Is all that I design
Share mine

…The words turn about the axis (XVI) Ties that bind…

Up in armour.
What first, not to harm her.

Tremble in flurry
Through furious fastenings
Tremulous fallen. Leaves as their trellising.

Clamour, arisen- the need must.
Captured, sanguine. Misty-eyed.

Driven doured not in absence of snow.
The class has much to teach, and is never still.
Forever more.

He beats a hasty retreat
A task not yet completed.

Bitter at his breast Attested
Bated breath on the burrowing breeze.
An arrest not yet tested.


All that begins is unforgiven.