…A fyfe in profile -I- Away goals rule…

‘Zoom, Zoom!’

Do I find you rhyme-y

I smile, and laugh on the other side of my face–

Could it be He never left you:
I never left this place.

The plates are quite the bold display,
And I’ve so much still to ask

A break from the haiku then, dear lamb.
‘Til the light can swifty pass.

The syllables I suppose’
His form, and Hers– Were do the hours go

You’re hilarious from any and every angle.
This rhyming structure… Oh, how i-t blows. .
A wangling angle, and fish too feed.

Why land yet, when we glow at this speed,
& a ship, a ship. No,

To where, oh to wear. Were oh-where
Does that little fishy show

Must practice my dictation, Pet
but promise me, You’ll scurry.
It’s around-about that time again.

It’s good to eff’ & flurry.

Not a clue Why for you,
He sum worry


. .Where’s He goin’ with this. .


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