…The attic (XIV) Future echoes… / Missunderstood (X) Miss Movin’ On…

We both know its a cruel world sometimes
For climbing pieces of silver
Introduce the serpent
So they’ll remember that we’re slitherin
The taste of crow is poultry, dear
It’s other meat that’s for dinner
And I’ll give you an ending
So you know I’m a beginner
It’s terribly hot for politic
My green sleeves need a cleaning
Beaten by your rhetoric
And the words that you’re well, meaning
So if that’s all this evening
I really must take my leave
Even crows feathers need preening
If I told you, you wouldn’t believe

It doesn’t rhyme. Or ANYTHING.

Button, button; who’s got the button?
My money’s on the witch.

RED’s a BAD girl — William the bloody

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