…The attic (XIII) He who must not be named…

I met her when I was very young
Though I did not see her much at all

A tea party has no leaders, she’d say
And our leaders have no ears

And though I give the game away
It’s empty when she disappears

A tea party is a tea party, is all
I’ll have a second cup, yes– thanks

She’s something out of the ornerary
Why she tells me these things

Two facets never make the cut
The jester and the liar

The killing joke is only funny
When everything’s on fire

I spent so much time trying to move like them
To never find a way

I need a moment to catch my breath
Reminding myself what not to say

So many games, they play themselves out
And now that I’m alone

I never imagined I would meet someone
And make games up all of our own

How am I supposed to know when its over
When I can never handle endings

It’s like I’m hanging on a ledge
Bones that break instead of bending

I love you just the same, you dolt
Hard pill to swallow, but I do

That’ll be the one that kills me
God! I could kill you, too!

Dropping bombs and shelling peas
Why does sneezey always sneeze

Mark your target carefully
I forgo the rule of thumb to shoot the breeze

Never seeing the wood for the trees
Not with digits such as these

No, not with numbers such as these


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