…The Attic (IV) Sound stage for the weekend…

It’s a repeatitive task — So tedious
Unravelling coils of cables
Winding them back up again
Did you know to unravel, and to ravel — it’s the same thing

I hate my job sometimes
Mostly though, I wouldn’t be doing anything else
And perfectly, I doubt I could do something else if I tried
Fly on the wall of greatness — two cent’s worth right there

I’m not sure if you know this, but I failed my psychiatric assessment. – Thomas Murphy

What holds it all together is paper thin
But then the engineers day needs to begin too
Never a dull moment, maybe one or two that should be… dulled?
If this were the theatre, I might donate my skull

I doubt they go in for that sort of thing, really
When things go well… And we knock off early
It’s that nagging thought that starts me to unravel
Because I never learned anything from it

It was there and then that poor Alice decided she really did not care for rabbits very much at all.  — LA


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