…In Absentia (IX) Flummoxed in the stomachs

Quite an irksome sensation
Not a thing to eat
Purely my imagination
Music in the street

Flummoxed in the stomachs, dearie
Fourteen high wires
Aerial displays for sup’
And Pretty little liars

Careless rep abandonment
Pamphlet for the mat
Sheltered in the fleet cement
With a purring Cheshire cat

Flummoxed in the stomachs, lamb
Fourteen wires strung
A monster though you think I am
I do not eat the young

Reckless recluse endangerment
Music for the soul
Necessary estrangement
In a 2nd Hobbit hole

Flummoxed in the stomachs, love
Fourteen wires, not one more
And I’ll not soon be casting off
The wolves are at my door

To view it from the start again
Not revel in defeat
One more point of observation
And if in doubt, cheat.. .



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