…Duality (I) ‘Ragdoll Lily’ & ‘Psycho Stitch’…

Who’s caught your eye today, Stitch?
A girl who lives by the sword lives long.
Her bedroom is guarded by a hooded figure.
His contract expires in an annum.

I know we’ll look back and laugh.
Even though you were never very funny.
Pineapples express the most perplexing things.
One day we survive.

The fated, Lily, the fated.
A sidekick who matures his charge with time is a rare find.
The wardrobe wears a lot of black.
The inanimate are so needy.

‘Tumbly, tumbly, watchful, weary.
Through the hilt we see things clearly’.

Forgive the expression
Death ever the recession.



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