…On her behalf (III) Bemused…

Be my eyes.
Try to look confused.
The expressed delivery costs a little extra.
This will be reflected on your bill.

Be my heart.
Stand still.
Background checks reveal nothing incriminating.
Your ID badge will need an up-to-date photograph.

Be my reflection.
Incorporate it sub textually.
The language that you use requires translation.
Decoder rings will be provided free of charge.

Be my tongue.
It’s not as complicated as it sounds.
See sample documentation for play by play instructions.
The paper is naturally 100% recyclable for your convenience.

Be my spirit.
Adopt, adapt & grow.
The animals are friendly.
Feeding, while not prohibited, is not recommended.

Be my spectacular.
Before the battery runs out.
The required actions are also illustrated.
If faulty, please return contents to the manufacturer.

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