…Dear Mr. Cameron (II) The sedated…

I feel sedated. Disenfranchised wont stretch that far.

I don’t feel ignored. I know that I am ignored I don’t have to feel it.

I worry that while language must always evolve -contemporary politics amount to excessive force a devolution of language that must be addressed, assessed & redressed.

Tough decisions must be made...

Why must the weak suffer so that the hardworking might appear proactive?
Where is the distress for those who are put out, or put-upon under these circumstances?
Who are we to decide how we are to feel about who we might become?

…For our future.

‘It is a fact that ash will not live where the water is too clear. But if there is duckweed or something, the fish will hide under its shadow and thrive. Thus, the lower classes will live in tranquillity if certain matters are a bit overlooked or left unheard. This fact should be understood with regard to people’s conduct.’ Hagakure, Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Our weakness is not that those of us who do not live comfortable – secure lives might find ways of living beyond our means. Our weakness is that those of us who live in excess are free of the burden of having to justify stillliving beyond their means.

Must the kind, compassionate and most-caring in our society be broken by red-tape and so-called austerity –BEFORE we take a closer, more considered look at the values we’re opting to emphasise, and forcibly impart... Is that the Conservative legacy?

Will those of us who slip through the ever-growing cracks in our system simply disappear given enough time must we harbour civil unrest in the guise of realism. The fallout is very real. It cannot simply cease to be, regardless of Torrie soundbites & witty reparté.

Don’t mistake lack of coverage for silence.

We will be heard –we must be heard.

Sedatives wear off... [N/W]

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