…The one you can’t beat (IV) A smaller vessel …

From’s Fortune…

Daisy Chains & Strawberry Fields

a smaller vessel would not be deemed a relationship
mozeltof– you’re a coupling
the woodpigeons don’t sit idle
neither do they bees

Or so I’m told. I wont say I believe them

a grander scheme would require few things
to matter in this fashion
fewer guard rails
better time-keeping

But don’t tell them that, they seem happy

when the facts are all that can be given
take them as and when you find them
or you’ll find yourself outed
and it’s right back where you started

Your marbles were right where you left them — as it were

where do you go to
when the world around you goes to ground
in a new york minute
do I cross your mind

–you’re always awkward when you walk through mine

it’s ‘bleak& it’s ‘hard-work‘, dear
that we’re so divided
along arbitrary lines
when color is all…

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