…The words turn about the axis (XVII) The Borderline…

Play for powers– lasts for hours
Wetter, pet, in April showers.

Lapping up irrelevance
Map left, right? Make sense.

Forecast claim– it follows. And tracks
This house is kept clean. No watch for the bats.

The owl is in season. The hat he supposes.
It’s cozy in Winter, miss. The door you chose– his.

Spring forth in season, miss.
It’s the one you didn’t notice.

Madness is missing in action, in fact.
His dagger is absent.
Without you he’ll leave.
Argue? I’ll let you.

He’s far away, playing a day.
With a card that upset you.

Cross the border-collie with whatever breed you find.
Sharpies keep the order, hun. We’ve no lines in mind.

Irreverant words missed.
Who’s in charge of house-keeping?

I suspect at the leavers’ do, feed will be splayed.
In advanced position, she posts to you.

but you never make the grade.
He still listens to you.

…Stupid Dog.

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