…Omega (y) Two Witnesses…

It’s said the devil wears prada
Can we make-up, and over
The noise we’d make
Up in quaint Nevada

For me you are sleep
You never quite happen
In brackets — all I parenthesis
Strangers aren’t made for this

Call me foolish, honestly
I’ve the Capital for It
Hearty to type,
Hardly for Miss-chief.

You’re a chance I take.
In brief respite from the noise
Of a mind that never sleeps.
–Even the sheep are unionised.

You’re not easily found here
Not so self-aware
You’ll never be nothing
And I hope you don’t care

My Faraday cage is connected
Drop me a line–
It’s only a queue if you call
I’m not sure who you’ll find

Or call me an idiot.
My ears can take it.
We’ve never been to Vegas, baby
But I do hope you make it

A smile
: )
Is all that I design
Share mine

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