…Flights of Fantasy (II) Little Red Ronin…


Know me by my edge – I have shape, as much as form.
Keep my name – I function, and am versatile.
Kneel before the wind – I Know that it keeps you with me.

Kindling my shelter. I am betrayed– You are my betrayer.
Keep me warm.

I am the spirit. I am the hearth. I am the the warrior.
Your words hold no sway here. These woods would have your ears.

If but to spite your face.

I am a meeting you should keep — your bloody demise.
I am five turns you’ll heed within three paces.
Weary traveller– I am your respite. I am your demise.

I am to become your demise.

Know my blade. Hold fast– watch as it dances.
In the light. I am the steady hand. I am the knife.
In the light — watch as it dances.
It is my blade that greets you with a smile.

I would not trouble you with mine.


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