…The words turn about the axis (XVI) Ties that bind…

Up in armour.
What first, not to harm her.

Tremble in flurry
Through furious fastenings
Tremulous fallen. Leaves as their trellising.

Clamour, arisen- the need must.
Captured, sanguine. Misty-eyed.

Driven doured not in absence of snow.
The class has much to teach, and is never still.
Forever more.

He beats a hasty retreat
A task not yet completed.

Bitter at his breast Attested
Bated breath on the burrowing breeze.
An arrest not yet tested.


All that begins is unforgiven.


5 thoughts on “…The words turn about the axis (XVI) Ties that bind…

  1. hi im new to blogging and would appreciate your follow .. im blogging my poetry that i use as a way to deal with life and love to share my random crazy weird mind process haha

      1. I’m of a similar persuasion. I’d loath to be without my words… Mad though they might make me seem 🙂

        When I’ve given myself the prerequisite amount of time with your material, I’d love to re-blog.

        I might like to feature you in an adjacent blog- which I’d like to use to feature other writers, and their favourite pieces- in future.

      2. I would be honored to be apart of something bigger and artistic as that…. I wonder what new and crazy things I write and get into with in that time… sounds fun…. and thank you to really blogging what you like

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