…The One you can’t beat (I) Alone…

More paces to follow –Assuredly

Daisy Chains & Strawberry Fields

Is it too much to say you’re not alone.

Understand this. I am nothing if not a contradiction in no uncertain terms.
Misinformation is so readily available that I’m determined not to cite, or properly source my outcry- finish my coffee get myself situated before plot>turns>river around and says… I’ve been struck by lightning.

That is to say…
I wonder about the human animal.
I am told that the umbilical cord was around my neck before my expulsion from the womb.
I have a complicated relationship with water– bury me at sea with a flaming arrow.

Suppose that Froid & Yung both slipped up.
You’ll sleep when you’re dead, because that sure as shit wasn’t a dream, kiddo.
but You’re not alone.

I think you’re weird for having tattoos. wearing shoes. and dodging the issue.
I’ll re-dress the wound — I skin my…

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