…Beta (Y) Institutional Racist…

On one– In two. Three birds– For you.
I ran. You crashed.
He planned. Mad dash.

Wont call... You’re home.
All one. Alone.
Says ‘hi’. Means ‘run!’
Passée by; In fun.

She can’t –Keep still.
Wont last... Blue pill.
Who’s She? Can’t say.
The bill!? Shan’t pay...

The words escape when I should falter.
To tape your mouth... Before the Alter.

And all the alters man their stations.
Dressed in saltNo alterations.

He wont name you. Or take his chance.
I can’t explain Who... He’d ask to dance.
Sombre & lonely –For His ‘last stand’.
You’re one, not only. High in-demand.

Kill me softly.
With nothing to tell.
Three words to off me...
Under your spell.

‘You’ll look sweet upon this seat.’
Forever Charming from the windows of His cell.

Talk about nothing.
Anticipating dread,
Nails & Coffin–
Marked in Red.

You look so Charming… Draped in words he never says.
Or has said.

(and you’re worth every Penny, Loser!)


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