“Dark” & “Cages” – Fodder.

Dark” & “Cages

I’d imagined this moment before. I’d say three, maybe four hundred thousand times. There had been nights it was all I could think about. Has a way about it, thoughts as these- of creeping in with you. Under the skin. Grips the bones like a chill. Might well grip another different. But it aims to keep these little trysts of ours going.

Mostly, quiet. Sometimes there’s blood- more attention than I‘d like- but it wont often play out that way so long as I’m awake. Times when sleep proves to be elusive, things tend to get a little messy. Hard to imagine. Waking up after. These walls should have a cold, grey look about them, and not that red mess that echoes a while ’cross the thoughts that keep me.
Thoughts as these scream loudest, but scream themselves out before too long. Middle ground? Not so much to it. Where does that leave us, I wonder…

“Don’t so much as take another step.”
…were the first words she ever spoke to me. Not much use to anyone dead, I told myself. Stiffness in my legs had me too concerned with keeping myself upright. Not the time or place to take up any notions more complicated than that.

“Not one damned step! So help me, I will snuff you out like a candle- it would be that simple.”
…were the second words she spoke. I don’t imagine they are. Simple.

She hadn’t the tone of someone nearly as calculating as she might have thought herself to be. Hadn’t intended to put her words to the test. Taking three steps then might have been a little foolish. Not much can be done for it now. Might have fallen over- these legs of mine feeling as they were- before I’d even looked her in the eyes.
Didn’t quite turn out that way, it seems.

There I stood, barely. Her words had rang out clearly enough when she’d spoke ‘em. Hearing’s as fine a sense as any to lead with. Didn’t look as though I was all that content with playing this particular moment by ear. Seeing her, there as she was, I thought would make a difference- no a clue as to why.

Not sure what I was thinking. Or that it matters. Only had to see the moment for what it really was. Truth of it. Seeing her face, one truth did ring clear. That we’d become lost in the middle ground.

 “I believe I made my intentions more than clear.”
“In so far as you intend to catch me.”
 “Oh, I do.”

My left arm began to itch, quickly becoming a burden. I felt around it for a sign as to why; eyes never looking to anything but her own. There was something wrapped around my arm from about the wrist to the elbow- likely a bandage if I was not mistaken.

“There’s the matter of my own intentions.”
 “That so?”

Her words gave me pause. It was as I’d said. So far as she would have me in that dark, dank cage before the night had retreated; her intentions were clear. Beyond that, there were mysteries needed to be solved. Questions asked.

(ref). ‘Little dead Girl saves the world (& other stories)’ – Act I – Chapter I – Fragment I –


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