…Missunderstood (V) Miss. Alice…

I hope this letter finds you well.
To you, dearest Alice, I’ve something to tell.

The short and the tall of it is this: –
I’ve had a change of address… (*chortle*)

You write me when you find the time, save for inspiration.
Not near as oft as I would likeforgive my inclination.
I’m on the road with friends in tow, chasing adulation.
And I appear to have run out of rhymes… How maddening.

But I remember simpler times.
Miles and miles, crippling climbs.
Mushroom clouds, and poppy fields.
Broken swords, and smoking shields.

Twiddle dumb, Twiddle de de
Twiddling my fingers
But the body of your works
‘Oh my fur, and whiskers’

Returned to a Wonderland
of digital expression
Notes passed in class
Strung along in succession

Words on invisible hooks, hanging in the air.
Before a court of more than hearts, and tyrants on big chairs.

Alas, I digress… (*chortle*)

When my words are suitably dressed to impress you
With this address I’d like to undress you
Of residual fear that- residing, abiding,
Binding like the timepiece you’re habitually winding

I’m tangled in seaweed; a ship moored, pining for your shore.
I cherish my white rabbit, but we’re not in Kansas anymore.

But still, I do hope we find the time to collaborate in future.
Where sutured love in asylum resides.
Do write me in future, I’ll likely never get my fill.
But we’ll have tea when next our two worlds collide.

Or mayhaps coffee. Oh my…is that the time?

“I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! – No time to say hello, goodbye! I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!”The White Rabbit

As ever, yours & Mad as a Hatter,


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