…A life in profile (IV) All along…

(an accompaniment, if you’d prefer).

The smell of flour, and skillet was all over her.
By herself she could scarcely keep her eyes open.
And her dogs were asleep already.

“You forget your manners, along with my tip maybe?”

“I got your tip- Don’t be so stingy with the sugar next time.”

“Now Adelaide, I already know what you’re going to say…
But there’s always something… And I just want to go home.”

“Oh, well now I know I’ve a heart
Because it is breaking.”

“Not now, Ada, please.”

“Come on now. Hey, did you get in touch with my friend like I told you?”

“I did, not that it’s been good for anything but a big ol’ migraine.
Told him about our situation, but when I went to see him
There were all these different forms…
…It’s paperwork, or no work.
Now I’ve got this idiot, reminding me somehow,
People without brains can do an awful lot of talkin’. I just want to go home.”

“Sugar, the brainless especially need table-service, not armed-service,
What, are we in Lebanon?
That fool could probably use a decaf, maybe a shower,
Or maybe… you could just give the boy your number…
Stop all this foolishness right now…

Don’t gimmie that look, I’m not green.

You want your bushes trimmed, you need a gardener.
I wont judge, gotta be liberal these days.

I know it feels like a bad dream sometimes. But it’s not.
So you took your little girl and left,
Hopped in your daddy’s El Dorado,
Got the hell outta dodge.

Maybe you thought it would be easier-
Find yourself a job with flexible hours,
Start out with a couple of classes.
Maybe marry Mark Twain, hmm?
Wake up after graduating, all fiery, and fresh out of Columbia
With big dreams, and big ol’ strides
Like you’re Ulysses S. Grant.
Find your own independence.
IF it were easy as all that, I’d be able to take this here broom,
And use it to beat some sense into you, girl.

Now go on, and work your station.

No more nonsense.”

“You’re the boss.”

“Eureka, she’s got it.”

Shuffling back to her station, glancing over shoulder at her ward, her keeper, and it gave her pause.


Turning on her heels- to heed the call of duty.
Lips serviced with a smile.

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