…Missunderstood (IV) Misstaken Identity…

The eleventh hour falls. And I almost let it pass me by before a solitary thought occurs.

Why had Blue Beard been the only track I’d bothered to listen to on the Band of Horses – Infinite Arms album. Why I am stuck thinking about this ‘random encounter’. Why now? I’m tired. My eyes are heavy. And I can’t think straight.

And why do I want to talk about a girl I’d met once. And joke and laugh about the time she’d waved me off with one hand, and given me her name and number on a piece of paper. And I didn’t get the joke. 

And why would we be laughing over coffee and apples anyway.

There’s a step I’m missing. 23:59… Midnight looms. Midnight calls. And tomorrow I’ll know who’s on the line.

But for now I’m exhausted. My mind is racing. And there’s ambivalence in my words.

I look at the clock again. 00:03. The world hasn’t ended.

And I’m laughing myself to sleep.

Thinking of you.


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