…The Middle-Ground (I) The Awakening…

All is quiet in the Digital Playground.

…The World turns on more than one axis.

‘Yesterday is a footnote. My past is my Achilles Heel.

Today is full to bursting with uncertainty.
And this moment in particular: bitter; sweet.

Tomorrow doesn’t know. It flies in the face of all logic. And reason. It defies gravity.’ – warrenpece

As I once told a fellow philosopher on a cold evening over a drink, ‘The middle-ground is important.’

Here the battles are fought. Here the real fight begins. Here the war is just beginning.

And you’ve been a part of it a lot longer than you think.

‘Well then soldier, how goes the day?’ – River Song

Perhaps all along.

The moment is mine. And I’ll grip it tight with both arms. Until I’m ready to let go. And the moment lasts a lifetime.

‘To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.’ – William Blake

Tomorrow I’ll share the moment with a friend. My best friend. And the moment will shine twice bright. And she will know who I am; my name; my face; my wrong turns; my right turns.

In that moment it is the return that will matter the most and matter the very least.

Tomorrow I’ll make good on my promise to you. And I’ll see you for the first time.

Today though I make a promise to myself. Words I’d whisper to who you were; of who I will become.

‘Yesterday I was broken. Today I’m ok. Tomorrow I’ll be better.’ warrenpece

Here’s hoping that I see you soon, Emma. As the world turns. Ahem. Fade out. Cue Avicii – Wake me up. ‘Arrested development’. Seems kind of funny now. Funnier even. Ttfn xo

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