…A fyfe in profile -I- Away goals rule…

‘Zoom, Zoom!’

Do I find you rhyme-y

I smile, and laugh on the other side of my face–

Could it be He never left you:
I never left this place.

The plates are quite the bold display,
And I’ve so much still to ask

A break from the haiku then, dear lamb.
‘Til the light can swifty pass.

The syllables I suppose’
His form, and Hers– Were do the hours go

You’re hilarious from any and every angle.
This rhyming structure… Oh, how i-t blows. .
A wangling angle, and fish too feed.

Why land yet, when we glow at this speed,
& a ship, a ship. No,

To where, oh to wear. Were oh-where
Does that little fishy show

Must practice my dictation, Pet
but promise me, You’ll scurry.
It’s around-about that time again.

It’s good to eff’ & flurry.

Not a clue Why for you,
He sum worry


. .Where’s He goin’ with this. .


…The light catches -II- Sign, Co-sign & Tanned leather

What is this pace we entreat together
We must know this’ll never work

—–Drop a line, pick up two
Seven players sit better together
Must we cos’ for the Turks

I’ll wear the I.D. Badge of course
Otherwise I’ll hear about it.

Does she know I’m properly mental
Oh, dear boy— I surely doubt it—

Still, she laughs; energy brimming.
Pick up a line & drop one back

I doubt she’s that experimental–
Crest-less, dangling with a tail that trails off

Dear lamb, turn your head, and coffee’s off.
Tea-cakes are a must, you’ll trust-
’til all the lines are fully aloft.

 I’m not scoffing, but You must be lost <\3

…The language of love -I- Nice ears…

>You’ve already given me an eye-ful<

-Practicing with new conditions,
Knowing full well that my vibrations need work;
To rhyme and be considered criminality–
There’s no eventuality that cannot besmearch
& all the while She drives me

In the pool, I’m sinking,
Lions are prideful.
I know I’ve got an earful coming–

You’ve already given me an eyeful.

It’s Your principality, pet xo

…Facet free -I- Style, my luv…

Its all I’ve dreamed of having,
In holding

Where Will, we be tomorrow.
to save me from,

Venison’s dear, isn’t it;
Sometimes I just wander.
Why does my har-t mix for you
& name You, like a blunder–

Your style and grace… Are blunderbus
With eys that start me spinning.

My heart, dear lamb…

It’s compramised,

I adore your Turtle-doves.
Above, below; to feel your flow
Even when I’mlost, your winning

I’d name my poems all over again…
To keep you from complaining

But I’ll only know the purest snow–
When I’ve finally s-topped raining.
–Honestly, you’re exausting ❤

…AwTwiHi-Ho (I) The Awakening, The Twilight & The hidden.

Duel- tacticionary.

Quite the perplexing plexi-glass, sweat ’til you can bottle it.

In the crampest cracks of temperate max, I’ve surely just forgotten about it.

These starts and crosses, The gleam and shine, The zebra crossing, The thin blue line.

The seven awaken, the twilight dwindles and burns. But the controls of the hidden

Takes four-five to learn.

I’ve stolen a fragment. Well Buckaroo. Inside the music of the well.

There’s fuck-all else to-do.

I’m so pecé, it’s still good.
Alas, sweet read. I dig your hood.